Some Important Information about Flower Arrangements for a Beach Wedding

16 Aug

While planning to have a beach wedding, it is important for you to ensure that you choose the flowers that will match that venue. Some of the flowers that you will need include the boutonnieres, the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, decorations for the wedding and reception among others. Flowers play a very important part in whichever wedding that you are planning. While planning a beach wedding, you should choose flowers that reflect the theme of that occasion. Flowers that are selected should be the ones which are resilient and which are able to withstand high temperatures. Some of those flowers may include heliconias, cymbidium orchids, anthurioum and the bird-of-paradise. Such flowers are colourful and cannot wilt because of the heat that is found in the beach. While choosing flowers to be used on the bride's bouquet for a beach wedding, it is always advisable that you choose a combination of not less than three flowers. The bridesmaid should also have a floral arrangement which is beautiful but not as fancy as the one for the bride. You could have a wedding bouquet which has some chartreuse flowers, cymbidium orchids, hosta leaves, gloriosia lilies and leucadendron. You can also add some satin ribbons so that the beach bouquet can have some softness. It is however wise to use one flower for the bridesmaids' bouquet which should consist of the bridal theme colours and later tied using a coordinating ribbon. For the beach wedding centrepieces, you should combine flowers with some traditional beach items such as seashells, pebbles, paper boats or starfish.

You can also have a small vase consisting of some small flowers which are surrounded by pebbles and shells. You can also have some scented candles which can remind people about the beach and also have some pebbles and shells surrounding them. most of the brides fail by not considering the climate of the venue that they are planning to hold their wedding. For a beach wedding, it is expected to have hot temperatures in most instances although it depends on the time when the wedding takes place. In case you are planning to have a wedding in the early morning, you need to make sure that you choose flowers which will remain fresh both during the wedding ceremony and reception. You should talk to your florist to know if he or she is experienced in choosing flowers for beach weddings. You should make sure that you choose a florist who is good at that. Check out now!

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